Sewist Not Seamstress


I’ve never considered myself to be a seamstress. I’m not trained, I had 1 sewing lesson from a neighbor when I was 12 and that’s the extent of my training. The biggest factor is that I don’t like patterns and I think a big part of being a seamstress is that you are able to follow a pattern. I’m not comfortable taking in or taking out clothes. It’s a risk to leave these things in my hands. Don’t trust me with your pantaloons! So how am I able to make such awesome bags without a pattern? Well that’s because I do consider myself a sewist. Sewist is a relatively new term that combines “sew” and “artist” into one word. Just like we did with Brangelina! Same thing but not as dumb.

I make one of a kind bags for a reason. I feel like every single one is a different canvas. There are other factors that prevent me from doubling a bag such as fabric stock and that I just don’t want to!  When I set out to make a bag, I look at my fabric and I see what style of bag would look nice in that particular piece. Just as a sculptor would look at a piece of marble and see exactly how it should be sculpted. The fabric speaks to me in a sense. I think we may have covered that in a previous article.  I don’t keep patterns, the one exception is the saddle bags, I just measure, cut and sew it all together. To me it seems like such a simple task but to others it seems like witchcraft. Although, I’m not twirling pencils with my mind (that’s a The Craft reference kids!)

I am making unique bags with personality. Each expresses something different and perhaps that’s why some people (who shall not be named) own over 40 of my one of a kind handmade bags. 

I’m a sewist. I create one of a kind bags.


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