Pairing colors & Fabrics

I’ve been told once or twice that they love the colors and fabrics I pair up on my bags and there really isn’t any trick on how I do this.

My process for creating a bag is the following, I dump mounds of fabric from my bins and I just start pulling out from the heap  different colors and textures to see if they match up. I may just have an eye for it. I do love pairing more contrasting colors that I feel is influenced by grunge fashion, something I was heavily into it as a youth in the 1990s. Even though I was really only mirroring my older, cooler sister!  So this is why I love to use corduroys, denims and neutral tones with bright colors. The use of bright colors comes from my love for Janis Joplin and the bohemian / hippie fashion of her generation. My eye is always drawn to funky prints and bright colors when I’m hunting for secondhand fabrics.

There are certain colors I’m not keen on using because they just don’t pair well with the aesthetic of Sour. One of those colors would be bubblegum pink!  Although, I have made pink bags but it is not my favorite. Some people love pink and so I make bags for them!


I try to make a little something for everyone but I feel most inspired when I get to play with colors and textures. There’s just an instinct I’ve developed over the years about which colors and fabrics would work best for a certain style of bags.

Some fabrics just speak to me. “Make me into a shoulder bag” it would whisper and I would whisper back “ Okay!” I then take scissors out and start cutting my bag pieces. I don’t have set patterns for most of my bags. I just do what the fabric says and that sounds crazier than it is!

“What’s that, fabric? Wrap up this article and get to creating some more bags? Well alright then!”


My choice of colors and textures can be a little much for some, occasionally I’ll tone it down and make monochrome colored bags. Of course this all depends on the fabrics I currently have in stock.

Black is quite rare to find secondhand and black fabric is what everyone goes bananas for! Like rip their hair out bananas! Okay, maybe they aren’t that intense about it but you get my point.  

sour12 1187.JPG