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Creative Blocks

In all honesty, I’m writing about creative blocks because I did not know what to write for my next article. So why not write about the thing that happens to a lot of creative people. Creative blocks are the worst. The motivation is there and you’re all geared up to have a full productive day but you just don’t know what to make. It’s a frustrating feeling. How do you get out from under that mental block? The following are a few tricks that work for me.

1. Ignore the block:
Sometimes powering through and making something that you’re not totally happy with will spark a better idea. Then there’s always the frustration of starting all over but you’re generally happier with the end result the second time.

2. Listen to music
I do watch a lot of TV when I create and it generally helps me focus. (see my previous article on shows that aren’t too distracting to watch) On occasion, TV or Netflix just isn’t getting me in the right frame of mind to create but music does or at least shuts my brain down long enough for it to reboot with some ideas. 

3. Leaving your creative space
Going out for a short walk or running an errand can clear your mind long enough to get past the creative block. Sometimes visiting places where I pick up supplies can spark some ideas. Then I get home, have a nice cup of coffee and get to work!

4. Pinterest!
WE ALL USE IT! Everything creative is just a click away. For me, looking at street fashions and bag designs inspires me to create my own version in my own style. Also, looking at styles that influence me like grunge or bohemian styles. Creating a board on Pinterest to hold what inspires you could also save you some time when you get your next creative block.

5. Relax
We all get creative blocks. Don’t freak out if you get stuck in one. Find what works for you and go with that. Take a deep breath and just know you are not alone. Take time for yourself and recharge your batteries. Sometimes the solution is as easy as making a cup of tea and sitting with your thoughts for a minute. Nowadays, we are all glued to our phones but maybe try staring out the window once and a while to disconnect a little.

Hope these tips help if ever you are stuck in a block. This certainly helped me get over mine.


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