To watch while working

Sour's Top 5 shows that aren't too distracting! 

They say whistle while you work, well I watch Netflix while I work and more specifically TV shows. The shows can’t be too distracting or too dull. I need a very specific type of TV show and I’m going to share with you some of my favorites that I find are the best to watch while working.

Now since I sew, my attention can’t be locked on to the TV screen. That’s how you sew through your finger! The shows I most enjoy are the ones you can follow along with without looking at the screen, contains more than 1 season and also has a decent amount of music in it. Ominous background music just makes me wonder what’s going on and then my production line slows down. I found DARK to be one of those shows that needs my full attention and therefore is not very good to have on while working. I’m still not sure what happened in that show!  Also, a show like Shameless can be very distracting. If you’ve seen it than you know why.

First on my TO WATCH WHILE WORKING list is:

1. Supernatural
For those who know me well this is not a surprise. I’ve watched the entire series (12 seasons on Netflix so far) about 8 times. I may have lost count. Supernatural isn’t for everyone but I enjoy the format and content. It has humor, sometimes emotional scenes and has great music in the earlier episodes if you are into Classic Rock or Hard Rock. I can listen to the episodes without having to look up every 2 seconds and now that I’ve seen it so often it’s become even better to watch while working. It’s familiar and comfortable. When nothing else is on or I’m feeling creatively stumped, I turn on Supernatural. Sam and Dean to the rescue!

2. Suits
There’s something about their theme song that always makes me sing along to even though I do not know what they are saying. What are the words to the Suits theme song? Suits is an intriguing enough show that you can follow along with while staring at a sewing machine. Most of it is just dialogue and lawyering anyways. It also has great music occasionally and a minimal amount of distracting sex scenes.

3. White Collar

I’ve watched this show a few times over as well. Perhaps not as much as Supernatural. I really enjoy cop shows and this one is fun and silly at times. Having been a fan of Saved By The Bell as a kid, seeing Kelly Kapowski in a different role is great! The CG in this show is pretty comical though. If ever they are in a different part of the world or even a fancy restaurant with an outdoor view, it looks so fake. Makes me laugh every time! Overall, it’s a good show with fashion, art theft and lots of wine.

4.  Agatha Christie’s Poirot

This show is a long running series of mystery solving. I love Agatha Christie books and I don’t read often but I have read many of hers. This show, based on her novels, has an incredibly 80s pastel and geometric shaped opening sequence with some sweet sax playing in the background.  I enjoy a good mystery show and this one is up there with Murder She Wrote ( we all know Jessica Fletcher killed them all). Cheesy at times but very entertaining. Great to have on in the background and the mustache is only a minor distraction.

5.  Jane the Virgin

I know! It’s totally different from all the other shows and sometimes I need to take a break from my regular shows. I was actually surprised by how fun this show is. At first I didn’t like it but after a while and keeping in mind it’s making fun of soap operas (telenovelas), it grew on me.  It’s a silly show with lots of drama and evil twins. It doesn’t have as much music as some of the other ones but the ridiculousness of their storylines makes up for it. This is also not a show everyone will enjoy but once and a while it’s nice to break away.

I’ve only listed 5 shows here because I’d be here for weeks writing out all the shows I’ve binge watched while working. I wanted to give you a taste of what I enjoy watching. I’ve also taken this time with Netflix to watch shows I never got to see as a kid. Like Angel, Gilmore Girls and Charmed. My TV antenna couldn’t pick up those channels. That’s right kids! ANTENNA! Aww 90s TV! It was mostly nipples anyways. If you don’t get the reference, may I suggest you watch Charmed or even Friends.  I’m sure I’ll think of more awesome shows to work to after I post this. There’s just so many! I also have a list of shows I’ll never watch but I’ll save that for another day.