Oh hello! It’s been a while! Well I finally have something to write about that I hope is worth reading. You must all know by now that I work with recycled / reused fabrics and because of this I don’t always get the best secondhand quality. I do my best to pick the best secondhand fabrics for my bags but sometimes a few slip through the cracks. In this case, a few denims that tend to bleed when they are wet. Let me set the scene!

Picture it! Montreal last week! I had just finished making a beautiful black denim backpack only to realize that the dye in the denim bleeds when it’s wet and could rub off onto light colored clothes. This would be bad if you got caught in the rain or washed the bag (this particular backpack had black and white pinstripe accent panel which was no longer a bright white after a wash). I tried the whole washing it in vinegar thing but I didn’t feel right selling it to someone. Even after the vinegar bath, it still bled. I scrapped the whole bag, salvaged what I could of the hardware and straps.

I then thought about the red denim I had used in a few bags and tested to see if that also bled. It did and I immediately added a warning in their listings. The red didn’t rub off as badly but I would hate to get a message from a customer saying that the fabric ruined their clothes. I want to remain transparent in what I use in my bags. I doubt I’ll be using either of those denims again but lesson learned to always check before I put time and money into making a bag.

It may scare away a few sales for those bags but I would rather play it safe than be sorry I hadn’t mentioned anything. Quality is at the top of my priorities and encourage people to ask questions or read through the listings before purchasing a bag. I’m an honest person and I do not want to sell you a product I wouldn’t use.

 As the kids say, I like to keep it real!