The Return of a part-time bag maker


It wasn't an easy decision to make, but when life forces your hand and you take a hard look at the lack of dollars in your bank account you just have to give in. This is something I've recently had to do. I took a long break from sewing to re-assess things in my life because things were changing. My husband and I bought a house and I could no longer coast on my good looks alone. I had to start pitching in and bag sales weren't enough to pay the bills. Therefore, a tough choice was made. Sour would now be a part-time when I had free time kind of business.  You've probably noticed a lack of production or online presence here and there. I've certainly neglected to write a new article in a while. So here's what's new and also what to expect from Sour.  

Gerty and I will on occasion be making new bags and this means you'll be lucky to get 2 in the same week. I'll do what I can to streamline production and have bags ready to sew on days off. Although, no promises can really be made. I'll more than likely be posting less but how many photos of morning coffees do you need? Posting less may actually help me be seen more often due to our wacky algorithms. So that could be a positive thing. Another thing, I'm not likely to participate in big markets like the Etsy events. This being because there's just no time or money anymore to prepare for them. You'll just have to shop the old fashion way, online! 

I'm never going to stop making Sour bags, so do not worry! And for the time being I won't be leaving Etsy, also because of lack of time and money. Etsy is the lazy way of selling bags compared to monitoring a website and all that jazz.  So there's something that won't be changing! 

In conclusion, I have a job that pays an hourly minimum wage salary and I'm okay with that. I'm happy to have a somewhat stable income and the work is relatively painless. I do miss having my own schedule and taking breaks whenever I please, but the security that comes with having a paycheck is relieving me of a stress that had been building over the years as a full time Sour employee. Keep checking in, follow me on all the things. I'm still here and I'm still making awesome bags! 


sour Kasey 002 02.jpg