The loneliness of working from home


This isn’t a particularly easy subject for me to discuss because I often feel this way since working from home. Before choosing to go full time with Sour, I worked in the public and saw people everyday whether I wanted to or not. Let’s just say you meet some very interesting people when working in retail. “Sir, this is probably not the best place to clip your toe nails.”  True story!

I’ve been working from home full time now for roughly 3 years and spend about 10 hours alone with me, myself and I per weekday. Apparently, you should interact with people every 6 hours or the loneliness will get you! I honestly should get out and interact with humans more often but then who will make the bags? Will it be you? So yeah, I am kind of between a rock and hard place on this one. Is it perhaps a time management issue or do I need to cut back on time spent sewing? Spending days alone, talking to the TV and getting limited people time has affected my mood. It can deplete my productivity as well which then sends me spiralling into a week of frustration.


sour sunlight 002.JPG

When weekend rolls around, I’m not motivated to do anything or go anywhere. Which is odd because you’d think I’d be starving to see friends and get out. (Granted, I can be a hermit) Then it gets to the point where friends assume you don’t want to hang out. Voila! The loneliness has returned and people stop calling. Of course these feelings of loneliness aren’t necessarily things I talk about so some people are in the dark of how completely down I really can be.

I spent weeks trying to find a topic to write about for my next article and nothing really struck a chord with me but this particular subject needed a little light. I’m all alone at my job. The days can be frustrating, lonely and this is something I struggle to correct. The balance is off and trying to find that center again is difficult but I’m trying and working towards a better work environment. Thank you for putting up with my little rant or vent or what have you. It helps.