Oh, The Places Your Bags Will Go!


I’m always wondering what kind of crazy shenanigans my bags will be up to once I ship them out to their owners. What kind of look those buyers will have on their face once seeing their new Sour bag in person. Will they be over joyed?  Most often they are!  Or will they not have read the description thoroughly and be underwhelmed. Which is a fear I have every time someone purchases a bag from me.

For this particular article I wanted to place focus on the people that send me photos of their bags in the wild or some that were spotted in the wild and sent to me! It brings me so much happiness to see one of my bags being used!

Jess spotted with sour!.jpg

Sometimes I’ll even get messages about a Sour sighting and I’ll ask the person to describe the bag and on occasion it’s an older model or a design I know longer make. It’s always a shock to me that they are still holding together. You see folks, my sewing skills and the quality of my bags have improved quite a bit over the years. Yet, those old bags are still well loved after all this time! I guess that says something pretty awesome about Sour bags.


peg and pin purchase.jpg
sour ludger bag in the wild.jpg

In the wilderness, in the dense jungle of humans and man made conditions, bags may not appear as they have in my Etsy shop photos. Some are grungy and well loved others are fresh out of the packaging and I’m okay with either.  

Sour spotted in metro.jpg

If you have any pictures of your Sour bag(s) or of someone else, send them my way!  Be sure to be stealthy as not to spook the Sour bag. It's still adapting to life on the outside. 

E-mail me your photos!