Gerty & Coffee

The essentials to Sour 

If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen photos of Gerty ( my sewing machine) and many cups of coffee. These two are essential to my creative process and to operating heavy machinery. Is a sewing machine considered heavy machinery? I always picture a tractor but nonetheless, you don't want to sew through your finger. I've done that once and it was not fun.

Being self-employed doesn't mean I can just lounge around and expect money to climb into my pocket. I do have a schedule and tasks to follow. There is some lounging involved and also a variety of comfy clothes but regardless I have to make something to sell something. Therefore, coffee is an essential part to getting the wheels in motion. I've always considered myself a morning person but coffee in the morning just helps structure the day. Coffee, shower, work. Without it I'd be twirling, forever twirling! 

Gerty, for those new to Sour, is my Style-O-Matic Singer sewing machine and luckily she needs no coffee to get going. She was given to me by my late grand-mother and is the first sewing machine I ever used. First and best! If you are considering buying a sewing machine, get one with metal parts. These new ones will break in 1 year as I learned many times. Gerty was born in the 1960s and has been repaired 3 times in her life. I do not go easy on my machines so this proves she is a tough broad. 

- Kasey