Engaging with humor


Two ducks walk into a bar...

Well maybe not that kind of humor. It can be challenging at times to stand out from other Instagram or Facebook accounts. How do you get people to connect with your feed? I like to think humor is the key but also being a genuine person and staying true to who you are. All depending how you want your brand portrayed or who your target market may be. I feel people respond better to a no B.S approach. I’ve always lived by the words of Popeye: “I am what I am and that’s all that I am!” (I’m Popeye the Sailor man)  Toot! Toot!

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So how does one figure out where humor fits in?
I use it in announcements, articles and posts about upcoming events. Basically, whenever I am talking directly to my audience. For example, when I announce I’ve made a bag I use old timey expressions of joy. GADZOOKS! HUZZAH! And my personal favorite: JINKIES! (Fun fact: I love Scooby Doo!) I want them to smile when they see my post. I want them to connect with it, not just be some forgettable thing that they’ll swipe away from. Humor can also mean making a funny face or sharing a funny event in your life that’s somewhat pertinent to what you do.

A lot of my articles portray my personality pretty well. For those who know me, you can probably hear my little voice reading this to you right now! And also NOW! I think it’s important for your followers or readers to connect with what’s being said as well as the person saying it. Everyone loves to laugh, unless you’re dead inside.

Constantly posting photos of your work can get dull for followers. You need to switch it up and have a little fun. Show your personality in what you post. Not everything can be knitting or bags or pictures of your cat but when you alternate and add just a pinch of humor, you’re reaching out to a whole other dimension of potential buyers. If people like you, connect with you they are more likely to buy from you. Even more likely to support you in the long term and gosh golly that’s just good stuff!

This article idea came from me having no idea what to write (this usually happens to me every Wednesday) and as a joke I wrote to talk about farts. Humor helped me write about humor. YAY!