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I tried and feel I have failed to balance my business with a side job. It was to be a side job but the hours were so erratic and offered no consistency. This made it difficult to plan anything. Everyone kept telling me " Well that's retail!" and all I kept asking myself was did it really need to be like that at all? Either way, it didn't work out for me so now I'm back to bags. My comfort zone! It's what I enjoy but it'll take twenty times the hustle to produce a paycheck like I saw with a day job ( which also had several overnights. Overnights are great if you love sleep deprivation!)

While I wait to find a side job I will enjoy enough and one that can offer a consistent schedule, I'll be doing a lot more sewing. It's hard work wearing all the hats in a business and most people will never know or understand exactly how much work actually goes into it.

Having to be visible on social media so you can network and grow is in itself a full time job of staring at your phone. Producing fast enough so that people don't lose interest is tough too. So why bother? Why not just dump the business and get a full time job? I can't, this is where my heart is and shall remain. I understand that I'll need another job at some point, life doesn't just hand paychecks out, but until then I may as well do the thing I enjoy.


Side note: Know your value and who you are. Don’t let others compromise it or have you doubt it.