A few Good Shops


For those who have Etsy shops or run a local business in Montreal, Sour Bags & Totes may sound familiar but we’ve never met. I’m that constant “like” on your Instagram posts. I’m the one sharing and supporting. I do this because I’m picking up what you’re putting down. In short, I like your business or what it represents. I thought it would be nice to share with my oodles of followers some of my favorite shops! If I follow you and didn’t mention you, do not fret! You are still loved!

Best way to go about this list would be in categories. Let the fun begin!



Bricos: A great little Etsy shop with a variety of styles and trends. I have many pieces of hers that I love dearly and I may be bias in choosing this shop because my fabric scraps are given to her to make earrings. They are awesome!
Tiny Lumber:  A shop that is definitely adding whimsy back into the world with the cutest handmade wood earrings and necklaces! I have a soft sport for tiny heart earrings but I’m also digging their honeycomb necklace!
The Birch Trail: Our Montreal Etsy captain does some good work! I adore her porcupine quill in resin jewelry line.  This shop is also a huge advocate for Indigenous groups.  I really love all that she is doing to keep the conversation going and bring change for Indigenous men and women. Please take the time to read her 41daysofhealing .
Creations Lilipop: The shop is so adorable and geeky! A little something for all ages whether you are a little or big kid! Not a huge nerd? No problem! She has something for you too!

                                       Bricos earrings with Sour scrap fabric! 

                                       Bricos earrings with Sour scrap fabric! 

Cards / Paper crafts

Cards / Paper crafts:
Aglomera: This shop isn’t necessarily specific to paper crafts but I’ve always loved their card and post card designs! They also have a huge selection on Society 6 and Redbubble! A little something for all ages and styles!
Scrinkl: Oh my Jeebus! A very impressive shop! I follow her on Instagram and she does these stop motion animations that are mind blowing! She also has some very cute things in her Etsy shop. Go take a look!
Made in Happy: This shop makes me laugh out loud! She comes up with the best puns! BITCH PEAS! That’s just one of my favorites! She has an enormous variety of cards to choose from and her art style is simple and gorgeous! You should see her Donald Trump!

                             Bird card from Aglomera and                        Bitch Peas card from Made in Happy

                             Bird card from Aglomera and
                       Bitch Peas card from Made in Happy

                  Cutest cones from Creations Mirepoix

                  Cutest cones from Creations Mirepoix


Peg and Pin: This shop creates custom wooden peg people and it couldn’t get cuter than that. She has incredible accuracy when it comes to painting her peg people! Also, I have a great love for simple toys. Let the kids fill in the blanks with their imaginations!
Creations Mirepoix: This shop creates little monsters for your little monsters! Her designs seem to come straight out of the imagination of a child which is very awesome and I feel connects with kids better than a store bought stuffed animal! Her catfish is a favorite of mine!
Banka Creations: This shop makes the prettiest clothed dolls! Everything on the dolls are created with so much attention to detail. It kind of takes me back to when I used to make Teddy Bears. Exceptionally made! Not only is it a toy but also a collectible (in my opinion).
Couleur-moi: This shop lets you fill in the blanks! The clothes are actually designed for kids to color on! No longer will you need to worry about marker on your dress, it’s meant to go there! This also creates a family activity! I really love this idea! And if you use washable markers you can start over after every wash! How fun!


Paco + Lupe: I want to be this lady when I’m all grown up. She makes and designs all the bags herself and somehow has time for sushi! Incredible shop with flawless bags! I don’t mind that she’s the competition, probably because she gives me her leftover fabrics!
Urban Sewing: This shop makes bags from upcycled US mail bags or old ballot bags! It’s really neat to see how she features those pieces in the bags she makes. She creates a unique bag with a part of US history attached to it!
Rais Case: This Californian shop creates sustainable bags and they do try to use every bit of their materials. Making key chains and such with leftover scraps. Their bags are practical, stylish and manufactured locally in California.

                                                    Donated fabric from Paco + Lupe

                                                    Donated fabric from Paco + Lupe

Knit / Crochet

                                                       Cactus by Wooly Cactus Designs

                                                       Cactus by Wooly Cactus Designs



Nature Imprint: This shop makes unique pieces with wildflowers or plants collected in the wild. She then imprints them in her work. It’s really breath taking to see the final result.
Pitch Pine Pottery:  This Cape Cod based shop makes the most beautifully crafted mugs as well as other types of ceramics. I find her work has a very vintage feel to them. It’s something worth checking out!
Serif & Glyph: Who doesn’t like their dishes to stare back at them but you know in a cute way! I find this shop to be so adorable! I mean unicorn dishes with a candle in it! So cute!


Wyeth Eyewear: These sunglasses are handmade in Brooklyn and scream “ I’m the coolest person in this room!” Really trendy styles and I like that they are handcrafted.
Kuma Sunglasses: I’ve bought a few pairs from this company and I really love that they plant a tree for every pair they sell. So somewhere in the world, I have a couple trees. The sunglasses are durable and made from bamboo. I’m a fan!



Wooly Cactus Designs: This shop makes the cutest crochet cacti! I say this because I own a couple! I’ve also used them in some of my photos. You must go see her cacti! She’s also trying out new projects so you should keep a close eye on her.
Charlie and Luna Co.: This shop has all the hats I want to wear! There’s even one that looks like candy corn which is everyone’s favorite Halloween treat, right? Well I like them and the hats are actually really awesome!
Bella's Custom Crochets: This shop makes really great crochet wear despite her cat being a jerk most of the time. I really love the scarves she makes and the colors she selects. Her flat iron shawl is pretty impressive. Check out her shop!
Bamfashionknits: This shop knits the cutest turban headbands. I feel like I need more of them in my life. She also makes beanies with pompom ears and I feel like as an adult, I need one!



Dazey L.A: This shop is one I follow closely. She designs by hand all her t-shirts, has them produced locally and she is a huge supporter of women in business. A real tour de force! She’s even had a few celebrities wear her t-shirts. If you don’t follow her, get on that!
Illbury + Goose: This shop is Canadian and has been since 1928! But their stuff isn’t something you’d find in grand-pa’s closet! I’d love to have so many of their things. A great shop that is keeping true to what Canadian’s are. We aren’t all lumberjacks…but we could be if we really wanted to!
Ramonalisa: This shop is exceptionally awesome. Designed locally and ethically. Her collections are simple, beautiful and I really love that there’s room to add your own personality to her designs. You can feel good spending money in her shop!

                                       Mug imprinted with Birch tree bark from Nature Imprint

                                       Mug imprinted with Birch tree bark from Nature Imprint


Kroon designs upcycled creations: This shop is my favorite! Always so inspiring! I honestly believe there is nothing this lady can’t do! She can take trash and make it into gold! If this were 1600s, I would cry WITCH! But she’s cool and maybe a little too cool! Suspiciously cool! Either way, this is a shop not to pass by!
Les Loleries: MACRAME MY HEART! I adore this shop! She creates the nicest wall hangings or plant holders. Macrame is back baby!
Tierre Joline Taylor: Do you want crazy hats and head wear? Look no further! This shop has some very unique designs to even make the Queen of England jealous! I’m not sure I could pull it off but I’m impressed by her style.